Near Field Communication (NFC) technology based payment application for hassle-free transactions and easy transport

Swipeler is a Near Field Communication (NFC) technology based payment application, which aims to provide an efficient, hassle- free, systematic and cost-effective transaction for all your financial and even it supports your non-financial requirements.


  • Transportation
  • Parking
  • Shopping
  • Utilities
  • Recharge


3 step secured transaction process- Authentication, Authorized and Tranaction

1+9 cards available under one account

Live panel with dashboard

Customized service template


Multilingual Message Campaigns

Smart URL Tracking

Pre-schedule option

Real time Analytics

Bulk messaging solution for all sorts of promotional and transactional business communication

The most appropriate and nonpareil messaging platform that helps to communicate to people through various sources. Our Smart messaging services comes with multimedia features under one roof- audio, video, image along with texts.


  • Business Promotional Campaigns
  • Informational Campaigns
  • Transactional Messages
  • Two way Messages
  • Political Campaigns

AI Based Multilingual Content Creation Tool for all sorts of Visual & Textual Content

Tweebr is an AI Based DIY Platform where anyone can easily create Digital Content (Visual/Textual) in Regional Languages to serve Indian & Arabic Internet User Base.


  • Corporate Greeting
  • Personal Greeting
  • Festivals Greeting
  • Business Promotional Templates
  • Political Banners
  • Inspirational Posters


Multiple Language Content

Layman user friendly content creation tools

Visual & Texual Content

Huge library to choose from


Flawless call connectivity

Secured calling with OTP authentication

Pre-schedule option

Unlimited participants in one call

Audio Conferencing Bridge- Seamless connectivity with employees & business associates across locations

Our audio conferencing web and mobile application with unique features enables smooth, highly secured, HD quality conference calls with unlimited members at a time from any location with clear voice modulation for an uninterrupted conference call.


  • Corporate Virtual Conference Meetings
  • Political Virtual Meetings

Bulk email solution for business promotion and communication

Our email marketing service helps to achieve your marketing goals with scalable, personalized email automation. Our email marketing service comes with features that helps to design high-performance email campaigns.


  • Business Promotional Mailers
  • Transactional Mailers
  • Political and Business Campaign Mailers
  • Corporate Informational Mailers


Customized email templates

Team Inbox

Instant tracking

Application Integration


Video, Audio and Image messaging

Instant messages of unlimited characters

No TPS issue

Multiple Reach out

Instant Whatsapp Chat process that efficiently replaces voice customer care department

Introducing Easy Chat Process for smart business promotion and instant customer service for your existing and potential customers. Our instant whatsapp communication helps to respond swiftly to all queries of your loyal customers in no time. It ensures minimal human intervention which reduces manpower investment.


  • Customer Care Response
  • Business Campaigns
  • Informational Campaigns
  • Political Campaigns