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BiopleWe are an advance digital therapeutics technology application with a mission to transform the way the health care system works.


To bridge the gap between patients and good health care.

To create awareness among people about their health conditions so that they can take preventive measures and avoid disasters.

To provide accurate insights about the health trends and behaviors to hospitals, pharma companies, para-medics, and government agencies for them to predict and prepare for any diseases and health situations.


The only AI-enabled and futuristic digital APP to Human technology in the country that helps people in the daily management of their health and medication with ease.

How does it work?

The APP will collect information about an individual’s health and bodily conditions and processes in an easy-to-understand analytical report.

It will create precise and timely patient medical journeys seamlessly connecting patients with the whole health care system.

Further, it aims to take collective data and generate insightful advanced analytics to reflect the current trends and predict future health requirements of particular demographics.

The Beneficiaries

Biople aims to benefit the complete human race by adding to the quality of health and longevity through Information technology.

Now people will be able to lead holistically healthier lives.

Hospitals & Medical practitioners will be able to provide more effective services.

Pharma companies will have more enriching R&D and will be better equipped to meet the demand situations.

Governments will be able to plan campaigns & take preventive measures in advance.


Biocipher has been initiated to ensure improved lifestyle. Well-versed with latest technologies and with optimized development methodologies, we ensure most scalable, secure, optimal and robust software solutions for you.

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