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Digitally Transforming
Business Communication Experiences.

Welcome to Focals
A cloud technology-enabled
Omni-channel communications platform for businesses.


Focals is a super friendly plug-and-play communication platform with strong inbuilt technical and capabilities to execute and manage large mass campaigns in a short time.

With highly advance App-to-Human technology in place, we promise operational efficiency to our clients like no one does.

How does it work ?

Focals all-in-one digital marketing platform integrates all channels of communication that you need for your business.



– Voice

-Virtual Call center


– WhatsApp


When you sign up, we provide you your dedicated plug-and-play dashboard wherein you can manage your campaigns swiftly. It takes few minutes to set up and then, you can start communicating with your audience.

You can start with one Focals service and can add on the other and scale up whenever you are ready.


Businesses are becoming aware of the fact that one single message needs to be conveyed via different channels to make sure it reaches the target.

Focals helps businesses achieve high marketing ROI and growth by automating their communication operations across channels.

The Focals’ model is such that not only large enterprises can achieve growth but also the SME & StartUps that understand the power of multiple channels of communication.


We will help you accelerate your marketing and sales with our marketing technology solutions, smart data analytics to strategize, and helping you implement your growth digital marketing operations.


Biocipher has been initiated to ensure improved lifestyle. Well-versed with latest technologies and with optimized development methodologies, we ensure most scalable, secure, optimal and robust software solutions for you.

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