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We are an Information Technology Company constantly innovating & developing multi-space digital core capabilities to make your life better.

We are on a mission to bring about transformation in every area of your life via digital technology. Currently, we are present in four spheres of life -
Communication, Design & Content, Personal Finance, and Health.
Transforming Business Communication Experiences.
Digital OMNI-CHANNEL Communication Solutions
The success of a business is in its effective communication.
Focals provides you omni-channel capabilities powered by cloud technology.
Plug in to design your own communication mix and start multiplying your reach. Scale up to any height.

Digital Content SolutionsTransforming

If you want to bond with people, speak in their own language.

Tweebr is an AI-enabled content creation platform that helps you create digital content and design in 10 different languages and reach deeper down your market.

Fintech SolutionsTransforming Financial Capabilities

Introducing a fintech app that will revolutionize the financial ecosystem.

Swipeler is a Near Field Communication (NFC) technology based payment application that aims to provide efficient and hassle- free experience to the customers
Transforming Health
Keeping Life Alive

Biople is a disruptive digital health technology that will totally alter the health care value chain functioning.

Biople's technology will help individuals better manage their health.

Further, Biople aims to integrate total health care system (doctors, hospitals, caregivers), pharma companies, and policymakers to bring about holistic well-being at the community and national level.


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Biocipher has been initiated to ensure improved lifestyle. Well-versed with latest technologies and with optimized development methodologies, we ensure most scalable, secure, optimal and robust software solutions for you.

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