Tech-Enabled Democratisation Of Consumer Services Has Taken India By Storm – ET

“The deluge of data and fastidious tech innovations has intrigued everyone. This revolutions is leaving a perennial impact on the life of a consumer, making it easier and more predictable. Driven by this phenomenon, unicorns have mushroomed at an unprecedented rate.”

Lalit Yadav

CEO, Biocipher Technologies Pvt Ltd

PM Modi interacts with 10,000 booth workers via NaMo app

Party leaders said that following the restrictions imposed by the Election Commission on physical campaigning, the BJP has set in motion its digital campaign, as part of which several senior leaders will address virtual rallies in the coming days.

Omnichannel communications solutions are the future of digital marketing ecosystem!

Business are opting for omnichannel communications solutions to increase their outreach. Companies of different sizes and types are imbibing these mediums given the availability of easy reporting, campaign panel and other smart features.

How Brands Can Streamline Digital Communications In Their Marketing Strategy?

Marketing is best integrated with digital communication mediums in the present day. The key area of practice is, creating brand awareness and re-engagements. This is to keep the consumers engrossed in a given company’s products/services and create greater consumer confidence.