Refund & Payment Policy

You are making payments to Biocipher directly in respect of the Services used, the following shall apply

You agree to pay all Charges due to Us in respect of making the Service available to You and Your access to and use of the Service (“Customer Charges”) by the prepayment method and in accordance with the terms as set hereof.

You agree to pre-purchase credits as per the Agreement or such other period as is agreed between us, in which case We will allocate to You a corresponding credit. Each Chargeable Event that You conduct using the Service will therefore reduce the value of the credits available to You by the corresponding amount.

Any change in prices that might occur for one or more destinations shall be communicated to You via email and/or noted on our website.

You shall be solely responsible, for seeking adequate Chargeable Event credit allocation(s) and checking Your remaining available Chargeable Event credit level on Our website, for ensuring that You have enough Chargeable Event credits to meet Your requirements from time to time and We shall not be in any way responsible or liable in the event that You have insufficient Chargeable Event credits to meet Your requirements, and/or have exceeded Your Chargeable Event credit allocation(s), for any period.

For the avoidance of doubt, a Charge will be incurred for every Chargeable Event conducted by You regardless of whether it is successfully delivered.

If You do not pay any Customer Charges in accordance with the applicable payment terms, We reserve the right to, in Our sole discretion, suspend Your access to the Service and/or cease to allow any Chargeable Event to be conducted by You until further payment is received by Us which fully covers any unpaid Charges.

You are responsible for the payment of all bank and finance charges. Please ensure that the amount received on Our bank account, after deductions, corresponds to the full amount you owe Us.

You will not be able to receive any refund for the payment made (“No refund, exchange only”). The latter shall not prevent any refund to be made according to the applicable customer protection laws.