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Bulk Email

10 March, 2022

By Biocipher

Email is quite synonymous with businesses nowadays. Businesses consider emails as one of the crucial tools in their fundamental structure of marketing. Consistently sending relevant emails to the targeted audience reinforces organizations in accomplishing sales targets. To streamline the connectivity with the masses, Fonabit Bulk Email services empower the area of CRM effectively.

How does Fonabit help businesses in Email Marketing?

We are here to strengthen the channel of communication in the most optimum way. Bulk Email service is one of our prominent services that could enhance the customer outreach of an organization. The exclusivity of a firm in the market depends on how well it has been retaining connectivity with customers for a longer time. Here, our Email API plays a vital role to make organizations stand out from the rest. 

Types of Email Campaigns

  • Transactional Emails: Nowadays, transactional emails have become the need of every business as customers have been preferring online receipts in most cases. Industries leveraging benefits of such emails are banking and finance, E-commerce, Education, Fintech, Aviation, online food ordering, payment application, proprietors, etc.
  • Promotional Emails: From launch to customer feedback surveys, every business pursuit excellence through one’s product and services. To get favorable results through promotions, promotional email is an important tool to spread awareness of a product to people. From the E-commerce industry to new startups, every organization considers this tool to be in the trend.

Conclusion Bulk email solutions enabled marketers to take out the maximum output of marketing campaigns at less prices. Cost-effective plans of bulk email services provided by the companies to clients give them liberty to pay per email. Taking account all the recent stats related to email reachability and opening rates, it has been observed that transactional and promotional emails has the highest opening rates especially when the context of the same attracts the customer with a personal touch.

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