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Types & Benefits of Text Messaging (SMS)

10 March, 2022

By Biocipher

When it comes to engagement with clients, several mediums of communication (i.e. Voice, SMS, Email, RCS, etc.) are necessary to thrive your business. However, it depends upon business to business which specific medium will work effectively for you. Today we will throw some light on text messaging through SMS.

SMS (Short Message Services) is a channel via which we can connect with our clients more effectively. Unlike other modes of communication, it could provide businesses with instant client attention that leads to the transfer of the information using short content. To make the content more valuable and precise, one needs to practice concise writing as SMSes come with a limited character length (i.e. 160 characters).

Types of SMS services 

  • Promotional SMS: To promote sales and discount offers, promotional SMS services are way better than any other messaging services as they are short and written along with certain useful CTA’s.
  • Informational SMS: Sometimes, precise information enclosed in short content is sufficient enough to make the customer curious about relevant products or services. Here Informative SMS plays a vital role in gathering the interest of the masses.
  • Customer Services and Reminder SMS: Whether it is a small-scale business or a top leading organization, reminders and customer service SMSes are an essential part of their standard operating model. By doing such quick follow-ups, users could bolster their connections with customers.
  • Festival Offers with Greeting Messages: A quick greeting on special occasions shows the company’s gratitude which leads to building a personal touch between customer and organization. Often emotional connection leads to better results in businesses in certain conditions.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

  • Cost-Effective: By using cloud messaging services, users can send messages in bulk at much lesser prices as compared to other marketing channels such as T.V. ads, google ads, magazines, etc. 
  • Better Reach: According to a recent data of 2021, more than 2.8 billion people are using smartphones and almost 74% of them approach different businesses through promotional SMS offers.

Immediate Channel to connect: There are higher chances of opening an SMS just after seeing the latest notification on phones. In general, customers don’t open promotional emails or social media ads randomly.

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